Summer skin: Before you spray tan!

Before you spray tan, there are a few things you should know:
The spray tanning solution affects only the dead skin cells. Your skin has a build up of dead skin cells on top of it. The thicker the layer, the sooner it will rub off. If you exfoliate, the layer will be very shallow, and your tan will last longer.

We know that it is important to use cleansing and exfoliating products that don’t contain any oils, otherwise the oily barrier can prevent the spray tanning solution from getting through.

What we also know is that you can’t shower for 7 hours after your spray tan, so let’s take the opportunity to love on us! We recommend doing this in the evening and going to the spray tan right afterwards.

As you get in the shower, allow the steam and water to prepare your skin for cleansing.  This will open up your pores and deeply cleanse your skin.

Creamy scrub:    This is a great combination of hydration and scrub.  It will remove dead skin, leave it soft and smooth and even!    Once skin is wet and the steam has penetrated your skin, apply creamy scrub and rub skin in a circular motion. Rinse and then run your bare hand over your skin, making sure you remove all remaining product.  You may want to exfoliate dry rough areas such as your elbows and knees more than once.

Exfoliating bath gel:   What’s great about this is that it meets two needs, cleansing and exfoliating.   Once skin is wet and the steam has penetrated your skin, apply exfoliating bath gel to your skin and rub skin in a circular motion. Rinse and then run your bare hand over your skin, making sure you remove all remaining product.  You may want to exfoliate dry rough areas such as your elbows and knees more than once.

Loofa:   This can be used dry prior to showering or wet with bath gel on it. By using the loofa dry, you want to use it like you are dusting something off your body to properly remove the dead skin and always make movements towards the heart.   This will increase circulation, reduce cellulite and remove dead skin. Shower after you finish to remove dead skin properly. If you are using a wet loofa, you can actually scrub in a circular motion, rubbing the bath gel into your skin, paying extra attention to your dry, rough areas.   It’s important to properly rinse your skin and follow the water with a bare hand for proper removal of dead skin.

Hair:   Yes, Hair!   This is the perfect time to give it a little extra love.   So. Wash your hair, not once but twice.   Make sure you really scrub your scalp, rubbing your fingers into it to loosen dry skin, oil and grime.   Now… we are done for now, so you can get out of the shower!

After getting out of the shower and drying off, apply conditioner to your hair, comb it through, sleep with your head bare or with a shower cap but when you wake up, you will be tan, and when you rinse your hair and style it, it will be full of bounce and shine!   If your hair is prone to being oily, rinse, shampoo and apply conditioner as usual.  The minerals have already fed your scalp!

Wow, you look great!


Maximize your quick shower

Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Eucalyptus Bath Salts

Before entering the shower, spread some bath salts around the shower floor – these salts will get wet and the aroma will be released for you to inhale. Inhalation clears your head. Also, it’s good for your feet to stand on the salt as it’s a natural water and skin softener.

Wet your skin, shampoo your hair and rinse, then put conditioner on your hair and scalp.

Pour a small amount of shower gel into your hand, add some salts to it and proceed to scrub your skin, paying special attention to the dry rough areas. Your skin is cleansed and exfoliated, which increases circulation, reduces cellulite, improves the surface of your skin and make it soft and smooth. Rinse your body, rinse your hair, keeping in mind that your hair was able to soak in the minerals and vitamins because you left it on!

Okay. Now get to work!

Skin is in

Body Butter

Cocomango Body Butter

So we talked about exfoliating and cleansing, let’s move on to a higher level of hydration.

Before getting into the shower, dampen your robe and let it tumble it in the dryer with two pairs of cotton socks for a few minutes while you shower.

After properly cleansing and exfoliating your skin, dry off and apply lotion, oil or body butter or a combination of all to your warm, cleansed skin; leave some of the moisturizer on the surface of your skin and face… wrap yourself in a towel, get your robe from the dryer and put it on, sit down and put the warm socks on your hands and feet!

Now just sit back and relax while the warmth of the robe and socks facilitate your body accepting the moisture and end up with soft supple youthful skin!

Hair affair

I am often asked what products I use on my hair because of the way it looks.  While products are important, the process is equally relevant, so here are some hair raising (sorry, couldn’t resist) ideas.

Cleansing:  The reason your hair looks so fantastic when you leave a salon is not just the styling; I know that you know how to style your own hair.   The secret is the aggressive scalp cleansing.   Your head catches all the free radicals floating through the air, it picks up dirt and grime and that all just sits on your scalp.  In order to properly cleanse your scalp, I recommend cleansing it like you do your body, really get in there and scrub!   I have actually watched people only concentrate on the hair and that is be like watering the plant and not the soil….you need to cleanse your scalp, it’s the origin of your hair.    So, put shampoo on your finger tips and have at it, really concentrate on your scalp, rinse and then cleanse again.

When choosing what to use, make sure you pick something that will not strip your hair of its natural oils,  something mild that will cleanse but will not strip.   A good way to know: If you are using a product that makes so much foam that you can make animal shapes on your head….it’s stripping your hair! 


Hydrating: Here is where it gets tricky, because people with oily hair believe that they can’t condition and if they do, then at least not their scalp… that is simply not true. By not conditioning, your scalp will get dry and two things can happen.   One…you will get dry scalp and flakes, or two…your scalp will compensate for the dryness and make more oil and you will get even oilier hair, this can happen with a stripping shampoo too!

So, here is what we recommend:  Start with the ends of your hair and be generous with the conditioner, when you get to your scalp, scrub in the conditioner and make sure that the scalp has plenty. Leave on for at least 3 minutes and then rinse.   If you can stand it, rinse with cold water, it will make your hair shiny.

Intense hydration: Apply oil to your scalp, leave on for an hour, either in a shower cap or with foil on your head, apply some heat with a blow dryer  and then shampoo and condition as you normally would (or how we   You can also do this with hair conditioner.

Even more: Once a week, we recommend putting conditioner on your head and leaving it over night. In the morning, shampoo and condition like you normally would.

If you hair is extremely dry, you can put a little conditioner on the ends and leave it on.

The dry skin deal

New skin cells develop in the skin’s lower layer, the dermis. Over a period of 30 days, cells migrate to the surface of the skin and become more acidic. During this time, they die and become saturated with keratin. Keratin is important because it protects the skin from outside elements. Through the aging process, and especially during and after menopause for women, the natural process of skin erosion becomes uneven, which gives skin a dry and rough character. Exfoliation removes the outer layer to reveal the newer skin beneath. This shedding of the outer layer unclogs pores, keeps skin clean, and helps reduce acne breakouts. Exfoliation should always be done after cleansing the skin. Exfoliation is important for men as it exposes the hair follicles, allowing a better shave. It is possible to over exfoliate, which dries and irritates the skin. The face is the part of the body most sensitive to exfoliation. Hence, provided that exfoliating causes the skin to dry out, it is very important to moisturize it, because dry skin can lead to wrinkle development.

So what to do, what to do?!

We wrote yesterday about cleansing your skin (face and body) and making sure that you open your pores first. Then, when your skin is a clean surface, is the perfect time to exfoliate. What we know is that scrubbing in a circular motion removes skin cells most effectively.  Dead skin cells are like fish scales so the most effective way to remove them is to come at them from different angles. Also we find that small spherical shapes are the most effective because they roll evenly as opposed to big chunks.

The best way to make sure you have successfully exfoliated, is to run a bare hand over the area you just did to assure proper removal of dead skin. As you age, you may find that daily exfoliation is needed.

When we look for these sperical shapes, three items fall into that arena and benefit you in different ways.  Let’s start with the most aggressive:

Salt scrub:  Salt is aggressive because salt holds its shape so that the intensity of the  exfoliation will remain the same.   It’s great for detoxing your skin and perfect for after exercise when you have been sweating. The beautiful oils in this product nourish your skin as you scrub. Salt is a purifyer so while you are removing dead skin cells, the salt cleanses your pores. Do not use salt on your face or on thin skin like your chest and neck.

Sugar scrub: Sugar is medium in strength and as you exfoliate, it melts on your skin so the intensity will reduce.  The beautiful oils in this product nourish your skin as you scrub. The sugar is a natural hydrator and as you scrub it will noursih your skin. Perfect for extremely dry skin and safe for all areas including face.

Fun tip:  Make your own facial scrub by adding sugar to our body butter, lotion or face cream.   It will offer you a scrub that hydrates!

Creamy scrub: Our creamy scrub is gentle, non foaming and offers even exfoliation with complete hydration.   Perfect for all areas of your body.

Body Eclipse salt: Take our bath salt   and add it yourself to bath gel or  massage oil.  This will allow you to determine the intensity of the scrub.

The surprising thing about cleansing your skin

One of the most common questions we are asked is: “What’s the difference between spa products and regular products?”

The pat answer: “Ingredients and process.”

Ingredients because you want to use something that cleanses your skin without stripping it of its natural minerals and vitamins. Our skin is amazing on its own, but we lose trace minerals and vitamins throughout the day and harsh cleansers make it worse.

The trick is to use a product that cleanses our skin, replaces some of the lost minerals and vitamins and offers some conditioners to hydrate.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  1. When you are bathing, allow your skin to soak for a while and then cleanse. The heat and steam from the water will open up your pores and allow you to properly cleanse your skin. The same applies to the shower. Allow the steam from the shower to penetrate your skin and completely rinse your body to prepare it for cleansing.
  2.  When you cleanse, cleanse in a circular motion, it’s more effective at removing dirt and dead skin.
  3. If you want to make your bath gel into a scrub, add sugar for a hydrating scrub and add salt for a detoxifying scrub. You can also add salt and sugar to the bath water for the same benefit.

Four steps to soft, soft skin

We often talk about the steps needed to take care of our face, but to maximize the benefits of any treatment to our overall skin, taking the right steps and using the correct products is paramount. Please remember the following to optimize your beauty potential, reduce visible signs of aging, reduce inflammation, repair dry skin, maintain your skin’s moisture balance and make you look and feel beautiful.

Cleanse: You must cleanse your skin to remove the residue of the day, whether it’s pollution, sweat, sunscreen, other lotion or make up. It’s important to remove that layer in order to properly benefit from the purity of our products. Cleanse with our products, without stripping your skin using harsh, harmful chemicals.

Product Choices: Bath Gel or Shower Gel, Creamy Cleanser, Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliate: Our rubs and scrubs remove dead skin, which is paramount for allowing your skin to accept all the vitamins and minerals we offer. Putting lotion, butter or oils on skin that has not been exfoliated is like applying it to flour, it won’t get to the surface below it where it need to nurture. Exfoliation also makes your skin soft by smoothing rough, dry areas. In order to hydrate your skin, you should exfoliate every other day.

Product Choices: Sugar and Salt Scrubs, Creamy Scrub or a Loofa.

Hydrate: To replace lost minerals and vitamins, to protect your skin against harsh weather and sun, to improve elasticity, to heal damage, and to make your skin soft. Also, when you hydrate, your skin retains its moisture, improving its appearance.

Product Choices: Lotion, Body Butter, Body Creme and Bath & Body Oil.

Repair: We burn our skin, we get weather damage, we lose vitamins and minerals as we enjoy the outdoors. We are also impacted by pollution and smoke. In order to correct that damage, specific care by replacing what our body has lost is needed to get your skin back to a healthy place and reduce aches, pains and dry and rough areas.

Product Choices: Vitamin E, After Sun Aloe Gel, Body Butter.